Headquartered in Duanesburg NY, HPyou, LLC brings more than 50 years of combined experience to the table in Industrial and Mechanical Design, Maintenance, Instrumentation and Electrical Trades to the Capital District.

With a special focus on hydraulics, HPyou is here to help you reinvent your process, get a tired workhorse of a machine moving again, all while adding precision control.

Hydraulics can be complex, and in an ever more specialized world, it can be challenging to keep all trades under one roof. Here at HPyou, we’ve made it our business to solve problems, specifically hydraulic ones. Let us help you troubleshoot your machine or process, and recommend next steps to keep you running, and powered forward.

Explore what we have to offer in our Standard Line of Hydraulic Equipment, take a look at our Custom Press capabilities, or Contact Us to explore something brand new.