About Us

Who We Are

HPyou, LLC was founded in 2017 in Knox, NY. A family operation, founder Patrick Waltz and his sons, Keith and Lucas Waltz, bring over 50 years of industry experience to bear. With careers spanning Industrial Maintenance, New Product Development, Automation and Instrumentation we aim to bring a new approach to hydraulics.

We are inventors at heart, and enjoy the challenge creating new capabilities where there were none. We hope to empower small business, and bring new value to processes of all types.

When we aren’t solving hydraulics, you can usually find us creating and inventing in our personal lives. Music, archery, agriculture and the outdoors take a strong presence in all of our lives.

Who We Serve

HPyou has a new facility going up in Duanesburg, NY, directly across the street from the Stewart’s. From this facility, we will conduct product development, provide customer demonstrations, and ship our Smart HPU’s across the country.

Our custom equipment, design and troubleshooting services are focused in the Albany area. Many of our customers are in the Duanesburg, Albany, Schenectady, and Colonie areas. In addition, we also serve the broader Northeast, with a focus on New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Across our service territory, our approach to hydraulics can bring value to companies of all sizes, and we enjoy serving the small business community, as well as bringing increased value and efficiency to large operations.

What We Do

HPyou aims to solve many of the issues that plague hydraulic equipment. For years variable pressure and speed control came coupled with fine filtration requirements, and increased maintenance.

Increasingly the parts to support these systems are unavailable, or not stocked, resulting in long downtimes.

We have taken it on ourselves to challenge preconceptions, and and take a clean slate approach to hydraulic power. We build our line of Smart Hydraulic Power Units and custom equipment with off the shelf, low lead-time components. The result is a high durability, simple system, with easily sourced wear items, leading to process sustainability.

Variable speed motors and digital control bring this durability to the next level. Seamless integrated in your process, and providing high precision hydraulic power, our Smart HPU’s and Custom Equipment can unleash new possibilities.Our HPU’s, custom presses and custom equipment are used in a variety of industries, from pharmaceuticals to building materials and composites.

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