HPyou – Standard Equipment

HPyou has made it a goal to reinvent the Hydraulic Power Unit, adding precision control, variable pressure capability, and onboard HMI’s, with the ability to tune the performance to your system. Explore our standard lines below to see how we can re imagine your process.

The Elite is the premier line of hydraulic power units. Every model has an Variable Speed Drive on a standard gear pump, delivering robust, tunable performance.

The brain of the Elite HPU is the proprietary software contained in the Touchscreen HMI. Through the HMI, the Elite can be operated manually to provide pressure and flow, or set up to execute series of actions through the Action and Sequence Builder screens. Multiple motor control groups, setpoint, and process variable options allow the user to fine tune each step of the process.

The Elite is equipped with the ability so send and recieve digital and analog signals, as well as communicate over Modbus and Ethernet IP, further expanding its capacity.

Available with Design Pressures to 2500 psig, powered by motors up to 5HP.


We have taken the core features of the Elite, precision control and process adaptability, and distilled them into the Specialist. The Specialist uses all the same motor control programming, but is set up with a limited set of IO to handle basic tasks. Use preset pressure or speed setpoint, or supply an analog signal to tell the Specialist what you want to happen, and let it take care of supplying the power.

Available with Design Pressures to 2500 psig, powered by motors up to 5HP.


Precision Lubrication Units

One unique application that HPyou has tackled, is that of a precision lubrication. Large, industrial machines and lathes, require constant lubrication. Our units are equipped to deliver a constant pressure of lubricating oil to a system, with excess flow being diverted back to tank. All oil is passed through two levels of filtration, each equipped with off-the-shelf spin on replacement filters on its way back to your equipment.

On-board controls identify if too little oil is flowing (likely plugged orifice, etc), or if too much oil is flowing (ruptured line, failed seal), and alarm accordingly.

Currently Lubrication Units are made to order, and available up to 3HP. Contact Us to inquire.

Hydraulic Oil Conditioner Units

Many Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) in the field suffer from temperature and filtration issues. Overheated oil can rapidly become abrasive, and cost your facillity excess downtime in related repairs.

Most HPUs provide for cooling and filtration on the oil returning from the system, so as to limit the pressure applied to the heat exchanger and filtration equipment. This works well so long as the unit is actively doing work. Unfortunately, many systems equipped with variable pressure pumps (also known as Pressure Compensated, or P-Comp Pumps) run in an “idle mode” much of the time, which generates a heated oil flow from the case drain that does not pass through the heat exchanger.

Our Hydraulic Oil Conditioners consist of a pump, filter and air or water cooled heat exchanger, which operates on a “kidney loop”. That is, oil is drawn from the reservoir, pumped through a filter and heat exchanger, and returned to the reservoir, allowing the system to cool and filter the oil regardless of the state of the main HPU.

Our units are available with an option control package, which provides dry contacts that are looped through flow sensors on both water and air, as well as a temperature limit switch on the return oil, alarming the user when an issue is encountered.

All Oil Conditioners are made custom ordered, with heat refection capacities from 3HP to 20HP. Contact Us to inquire.